The Team Player: Tantus Sport

It is very rare that I find a toy I like for both vaginal and anal penetration. A lot of times the toy is easy to take vaginally, but my ass isn’t having any part of it. I came to a perfect medium with the Tantus Sport. This toy is seriously one of the best purchases I have made. Tantus has always been one of my favorite toy brands. Their body safe premium silicone always ensures I will never have to worry about any issues, and the colors and designs never cease to amaze me. The design of the Sport is no different, and my body will happily agree.

The Tantus Sport is an amazing g-spot dildo with a beautiful curve and a delicious bulbous head that always hits my favorite spots. It is body safe and super easy to clean via boiling water, toy cleaner, or dishwashers. The premium silicone is firm, but not uncomfortable. I find that the firmness of it gives me just the right pressure I need to push right against my g-spot. The base is the perfect size to hold for thrusting and allows for hands-free anal use.


For vaginal the Sport went in very smoothly without any lube. The head is very easy to take, and the thinness of the shaft makes it comfortable to use for a beginner and also pegging. The head is just the right size to nestle right against my g-spot, and the curve of the shaft allows me to rock it just the right amount to get to the ultimate orgasm. I also found that it was easy to turn the toy around inside of me to change up the location of the head, which made for an interesting sensation. After seeing how amazing it was for vaginal use, it was a no brainer I had to try it out for anal play. I have to say, I wasn’t let down, not in the least bit. If anything the anal play was probably more intense for me.



Although the Sport is perfect for vaginal without lube, it was strongly needed for anal. I applied a dollop of Sassy to the head and shaft and prepared myself for what was about to come. It took a little bit of coaxing to get it in, but I found when I just teased the outside of my ass with it, I was able to relax and slide the head right in. When I first slid it in with the head facing towards my belly button, it was a little too intense for me, but as I did with vaginal, I was able to twist it around with the head down, and immediately felt an amazingly intense pressure that comes with a great anal orgasm. I barely had to thrust the toy before I was able to achieve an incredible anal orgasm. The best part about the size of the Sport was being able to use my Uncut #2 for vaginal and have a nice DP session. I never felt like the sensation of both of them was too much, and I believe I had the manageable size of the Sport to thank.

Bottom line: If you don’t have the Sport, then you really should order one as soon as you can. It is a game changer in both vaginal, anal, and double penetration. It’s body safe, so you’ll never have to worry about putting your body in a messy situation. The head is fantastic for g-spot penetration, and for anal play, it will change the game. I very rarely find a universal toy that does it all, but with the Sport, I believe I have found true love. I think everyone should have this toy inside of them at least once, to get the full experience of how kick ass this toy is.


Get the Tantus Sport here!


A First Time for Everything: Tantus Uncut #2 Review

As many penises as I have come across in my short amount of time, I have a confession: I have never seen an uncircumcised penis, so it was no surprise when I stumbled across one on Tantus’ website, that I had to get one to try. I have always been intrigued with the unknown, and I never know if I will come across one, so a fake one was the next best thing. It’s cool to see companies branching out to make items for people who want something different. Although I have never been with an uncircumcised man, after trying the uncut, I wouldn’t rule it out.

When I first received the Uncut #2, I was super excited. It arrived quickly, and in a discreet box. I was able to keep it outside my bedroom door until I got home, and I felt comfortable that no one knew what it was. I ripped open the box because I couldn’t wait to see the Uncut and feel the great O2 Dual Density that I have heard so much about from other bloggers. I was also excited to see that the toy was a manageable girth at 1.6″.


For those of you not familiar with what the O2 dual density is I will explain. The O2 is their line of realistic dildos. The outer layer has a delightfully soft and squishy feel to it while the inside has a strong, firm inner core. It allows for a great feel while inserting, but also gives you the firmness inside so it won’t bend or move around no matter how hard you use it. It feels great and has some give to it. The head is squishier than the rest because the inner core ends just before the foreskin. It reminds me of the Au Naturel line by Blush, minus the spine in the center. The bottom has a flared base that makes it suitable for strap-ons as well as anal play. Of course, with it being Tantus, you’re also getting their premium silicone that is easy to clean by boiling, or soaking in a 10% bleach solution. I would recommend these methods of cleaning because it is a little difficult to clean all the bumps and ridges, which gives it such a realistic feel and texture. I would also recommend air drying because I did notice that the silicone does grab towel fuzz.


After cleaning the Uncut, I grabbed my favorite water based lube and lathered it up. I didn’t feel any drag with the silicone while I was using it, which made it glide comfortably. The slight curve plus the added girth from the foreskin made it easy for rocking right against my g-spot. I have issues with softer surfaces on my g-spot and, unfortunately, this was no different. I wasn’t able to climax from the Uncut alone, but with added clitoral stimulation and the fullness of the toy, I was able to have a pretty decent orgasm. The texture of this toy is enough to make up for a lack of a g-spot orgasm, though.


This toy is made for people who love texture. Besides my glass toys, I have yet to come across anything silicone, besides Vixskin, which has as much texture as this toy. The veins, wrinkles, and ridge add a nice sensation while thrusting the toy, and the foreskin as stated above makes for an extra nice g-spot nuzzling. Since my vagina can only handle about 5 inches at a time, the 6.4″ insertable length was a little too long for me, for internal use but as long as I did shallow thrusts, I didn’t notice an issue with it.  The extra amount of length in the toy, however, made it easy for me to hold onto it while thrusting.


Overall I would say this toy was a fantastic idea. I commend Tantus for coming out with a unique toy, and the dual density reminds me of my beloved Buck. I would recommend this toy to anyone, a fan of foreskin or not. If you’re a texture person, like I am this is also a good item to add to your collection. Even though it’s not a toy that will get me off every time I use it, it’s one of those toys I am happy to have in my collection, and I will pull it out to show anyone who wants to see it.

The Tantus Uncut #2 was sent to me free of charge from Tantus, for my honest review! Thank you!


Get your Tantus Uncut #2 here!


Rolling, Rolling, Rolling: Nu Toys Femme Luxe Rabbit

I love it when companies think out of the box when they design new toys. It makes me happy to know that the companies still have the consumer in mind when thinking of new innovative ways to take old toys to another level. I have always been a fan of Nu Toys. I love their Sensuelle Point bullet almost as much as my Tango. I think the power of their toys is just what I need to rock my world. However, they missed the mark when designing the Lux Rabbit.


The Sensuelle Femme Lux Rabbit is a silicone, USB rechargeable rabbit. The toy thankfully charges with a chrome socket, similar to the Lelo second generation toys, which is exciting, because as much as I love the Nu brand, the charging dock was a huge pain in the ass. It has an insertable length of 4 inches, which is just right for me, with a not so overwhelming 1.5-inch girth. The clitoral stimulator measures in at 2 inches long,  and 1 inch wide, which isn’t too obtrusive. It has ten vibration functions in the shaft and three different speeds with the rolling clitoral ball. It has a simple two-button interface that is easy to maneuver even in the heat of the moment. There are two motors, with one in the shaft, and you guessed it, one in the clitoral stim. Both motors are controlled separately with each button. It comes in purple and pink and includes an excellent one year warranty. It’s a relatively light toy to hold, but it fits nicely in your hand. Bonus point for coming with a nice storage bag as well.wp-1449359909872.jpgwp-1449361165283.jpg

I have heard that the rolling ball in the Sensuelle G is fantastic, so I couldn’t wait to see how it would feel in the rabbit they designed. The internal part was a perfect size and nestled right up against my g-spot. It’s bulbous and not too large, but just enough to make you feel full. My main problem with this toy, however, was the rolling ball in the clitoral piece. Talk about a major disappointment! Not only was it like hearing a robot walk (not discreet!), but it served no purpose, in my opinion. I don’t feel like the ball was large enough, or maybe the silicone was too thick. I wasn’t really able to feel the ball doing too much. I expected the ball to push up the silicone a little bit more than it did, and I think that’s the main reason I wasn’t able to experience how great the ball would be. I can see the genius behind the idea, but I think they need to do a little more work in that aspect.

wp-1449359781267.jpgI will say that the clitoral piece sat right against my clit with no issues. It has little nubbies for added extra sensation that feels kind of cool. Even when I rocked the shaft against my g-spot, the clitoral part sat very nicely on top. The design is a delightful change of pace. Some rabbits I have tried have completely missed altogether. Unfortunately, this was the only good part about the clitoral stim, which is a little disappointing for women who have issue climaxing from g-spot alone. The clitoral stim also didn’t vibrate which was another big problem. I would be more accepting of the rolling ball failure if I could turn it off and use vibration instead, but, unfortunately, the only thing I can do with it is turn it off or bump the useless ball up two more notches as well as have a louder mechanical noise cheering me on. I hate to say it again, but I can not stress enough how loud the clitoral ball rolling is.



I do have to say that using this toy wasn’t a complete bust. As I mentioned before the shaft is really great for g-spot stimulation. I was able to have a nice g-spot orgasm, despite not having much clitoral stimulation. Although I did not use the ball, the nubs added a nice sensation while I sitting against my clit. The silicone glided smoothly when using the toy and doesn’t seem to grab onto any fuzz or dust when in storage for a while. I don’t think this would be a toy that I would use all the time, but anytime I want a nice vibrating internal toy I would grab it. I think if they added more vibration modes to the clitoral piece and worked on the noise factor, and figured a way to get the ball to roll properly this could possibly be the rabbit to end all others. I would also like to have the rolling ball in the shaft as well and see how that feels, but overall it wasn’t as exciting as it was made out to be.2015-12-05-18.58.12.jpg.jpg

Pure Bliss: Njoy Pure Wand

“If you don’t buy this wand, I feel bad for you son, I had issues with my g-spot, but now I have none.”

I don’t know how I have lived my life until now. The Pure Wand has come into my life and turned it around for the better. I’ve seen the light, and I’m kicking myself in the ass for not buying this godsent hunk of glorious metal sooner. This toy is seriously the best thing I have ever stuck inside me. I have felt things I have never felt before, and I started speaking languages I don’t even know I knew. Seriously, if you have heard about it and still don’t know if you are ready to take the plunge, then I don’t know what to tell you because this is one of those things in life that doesn’t deserve a second thought.


The Beautiful Pure Wand

The Pure Wand by Njoy is a 8″ medical grade stainless steel curved dildo with a 1.5″ bulb at one end, and a 1″ bulb at the other end. It comes in the sturdiest box I have ever seen with a toy, which is lined with a bright pink fabric to make the metal pop. It is completely body safe and easy to clean. The metal guarantees great temperature play, and will give you so many different sensations. The 1.5lb weight of this toy shows that it isn’t fucking around. It will make your entire arm bigger, but it is so worth the orgasms you will have with it. I don’t mind walking around looking unproportioned with how this beast of a toy makes me feel. It is perfect for anyone trying to conquer that g-spot orgasm, as well as anyone trying to experiment with the p-spot. I have yet to try this toy via anal, but vaginal, I am willing to talk about it to anyone with ears who will listen.


When I bought this toy, I went home and took a shower immediately after I walked through the door. I sat on the bottom of the tub while the hot water ran down me and started thrusting away. The warm water was hitting my clit at just the right angle, so I knew at that instant my g-spot was swollen and prime for a good time. I wasn’t wasting any time with this toy I had been lusting after for so long. It didn’t take long for me to get the intense build up that I normally get with g-spot stimulation, but I wanted a story to tell and didn’t want to orgasm too quickly. It was extremely hard to muffle the noises that were coming out of my mouth, so I knew then that this toy was going to take me to the edge. After noticing how easy this g-spot orgasm was going to be, I completely lost control and started thrusting a rocking until my arm hurt. I then took a break and went back at it again for a good 10 minutes. When the moment finally came for me to climax, it took every bit of energy out of me.


After using the wand, I was pretty much immobile. My legs felt like jelly, and I felt like I was making up a new dance move while getting out of the shower. I had to sit down for a minute or two before I was finally able to compose myself and think clearly. My mind was completely turned to mush, and I couldn’t tell you my name if I tried. The feeling this toy gave me was the equivalent to me running my first 10K. I had the exhaustion and jelly legs, but I also had the high from the amazing orgasm. I can honestly say I have never owned or used a toy before this one that makes me feel the way I do. I will be buried with this toy when I die.

I will say it again, if you do not own an Njoy Pure Wand, then you need to get one, like now. The Pure Wand one of the toys you NEED to have in your collection. If you have ever wondered if the g-spot was a myth, this toy will convince you once and for all that all that hub-bub is complete bullshit. If you have never had noises escape from your mouth before, this toy will do it. I advise once you get it, let all your loved ones know that you will be M.I.A. for a couple of days and not to worry since they probably won’t hear from you for a while. Overall, besides the weight being a little too much for extended use, the only negative about this toy is when I have to take it out of me.


Get your Pure Wand NOW from Njoy or Good Vibrations!!

Sexy Saturday: The Silhouette S17

California Exotics has really outdone themselves with the Silhouette line; a sexy and sleek line of rechargeable silicone vibrating toys. The line at first look is very classy, and the packaging doubles as a storage area for your toys, as well as a great box with a window, which is great for gift giving with the rapidly approaching holiday season. They come in three colors: red, purple, and pink. They all have powerful vibrations and smooth satin silicone that makes you want to pet it over and over again. It’s easy on the eyes and even better inside of you.

When I received the Silhouette 17 I was super excited. I have had a couple of rabbits such as the Sugar Pop and the Lelo Ina, but I have been itching for a new one for a while now. Normally I like my rabbits to have all the bells and whistles with the beads and rotation, but with the S17 I was willing to make sacrifices. I’m glad I did because this toy is worth it.

As previously stated, the S17 is a rabbit vibrator made of high-quality velvet feeling silicone. The silicone is super easy to clean and dry without any fuzz catching on it. There is a small seam along the back of the shaft, but you can’t feel it once the toy is in use. It has a two button interface and great power. The one complaint I have with the button interface was how confusing it could get in the middle of using it. To turn the toy on you have to press the bottom  button unless you have to travel lock function on, which in that case, you would just hold both buttons for 4 seconds. The top button is for changing throughout the 10 powerful levels of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. It also doubles as the increase button for all of the above mentioned. The bottom button has to be held down as well, to decrease whatever function you’re on. My first time it took me a while to figure out, but after you master it, you’ll be fine.

wpid-wp-1445138803890.jpgBefore using the S17, I applied some Sassy to the tip and slid it in. The first thing I noticed was the placement of the clitoral arm. It didn’t seem to lay flat on my clit, but it was enough to where I was able to feel some of the glorious ridges on it. The shaft of the toy was a different story and hit right on my g-spot with very little maneuvering. The curve and bulbous end of the shaft made my g-spot feel like it was in heaven. When using it, I was able to use the bottom of the toy to rock in slightly back and forth. The vibrations were intense and within about 5 minutes I was able to reach orgasm. I didn’t have a dual orgasm right away, but the second time since I was already sensitive, I was able to hit a home run.


The ridges on the clitoral piece added for great sensation even though the whole thing didn’t cover in the spots I wanted. While rocking it back and forth to hit my g-spot, a couple of the ridges were able to actually push my hood back and make it easier for direct clitoral sensation. I really wish the clitoral arm on this toy would have been a little bit shorter, but with how wide it was, there was a little more room to wiggle it around. The fact that the clitoral piece was easy to manipulate was a godsend, because, unfortunately, it took a lot of moving to get it where I wanted at first. I do have to say, though, this is the first toy I have been able to climax from while using a pulsation mode.


Overall, I would have to say that this toy is worth it if you like rabbit style vibrators. I love that it’s rechargeable so I don’t have to keep buying batteries. The vibrations are intense and the shape for g-spot stimulation is spot on. The ridges on the clitoral piece are pretty interesting as well, however, the clitoral piece might not fit your anatomy. The only problems I have with this toy is the clitoral piece being too big and the controls for the modes. You may not have the same results that I did, hell, they may even be better, but I still think it’s a good toy to add to your collection.


  • Insertable length: 4 inches
  • Clitoral: 3 inches
  • One year warranty
  • USB rechargeable

C’mon Baby, Let’s Do the Twist: Pleasure Works G-Twist


I don’t use internal toys that often, so I am always looking for something that I think would be a good fit to give a try. I find that it is very difficult for me to get off via g-spot when I’m alone, but when I have a partner it’s a lot easier. It’s all about that angle they have down there, which I can never seem to master. I’m not really too keen on huge items, so when I was sent the Pleasure Works G-Twist I was relieved to see that the toy wasn’t too intimidating. I was also excited to find that it was 100% silicone which is my favorite material in a toy next to glass.

When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was that the G-Twist looked almost identical to the Fun Factory Stronic Drei, right down to the ridges and the curve at the tip. The only differences are the G-Twist takes 4 AAAs instead of the magnetic charging, and it vibrates instead of pulsates. It has a three button interface with a button to go up, down, and power boost, which I will get into later. The silicone was very soft and smooth, but also difficult to get clean when drying. The silicone on this toy seems to grab on to a lot of fuzz when drying with a towel, so I would definitely recommend air drying it if you have the patience for it; which I don’t happen to have. The ridges can also be tricky, so make sure to take some extra time to clean this toy.

Speaking of the ridges, let’s get into how this toy works. Before I used it, I applied a little bit Sassy onto the tip. It slid in pretty easy despite hearing issues with how hard it is to insert the Drei (different toy, same shape). The ridges felt really nice going in, and it was a sensation I haven’t experienced before. The curved tip hit right against my g-spot, but I felt I had better luck with twisting back in forth rather than thrusting. When thrusting I didn’t feel like I was getting the right motion to get the curved tip to the right spot. I came close a couple of times, but I still didn’t reach full orgasm. I was a little disappointed because I thought the bump at the bottom would be able to give some good clitoral stimulation, but, unfortunately, it didn’t seem to come up far enough.

The vibrations on the toy are more powerful than I expected with a battery operated toy. I was surprised with how quiet the toy was, and the vibrations weren’t buzzy; but almost like a rumble, which was nice. I’m not a big fan of buzzy vibrations because over time it makes my hand itch. It comes with 8 different modes of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, and also a power boost button which brings whatever function you’re on to the highest power. The power boost button is a cool added feature, but I don’t feel like the process of how it works was thought out too well.

The main problem I have with the power boost button was the lack of staying constant at that speed. When you push the button it jumps a tremendous amount in the vibrations, but if you let go, you’re fucked. It will cut back down to the same power before unless you touch it again. Although this isn’t a deal breaker for the toy, I almost threw it out the window. Keeping the button pressed down while maintaining what I was doing was a real rhythm killer. I had to test it a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t crazy, but overall I would say it doesn’t really affect my opinion on the toy.

Despite the issue with the power boost button, I would say this is a pretty great toy. Just make sure if you use the power boost button, to take a deep breath and remember that it is basically touch activated.  I think it’s a good step down for people who would like to try the Stronic, minus the pulsation, just to see if the shape would fit their body. Even though I didn’t have a g-spot orgasm I would still recommend it for good g-spot stimulation. There were a couple times I thought I was close, but I require a lot of hard pressure to reach the desired effect, so you may have different results. This toy is quiet (roommate tested), and has great power, it’s worth a try.


  • 100% silicone
  • 8 functions
  • 6″ insertable length
  • 1 1/2″ girth

I was sent this toy free of charge from Good Vibrations, for my honest and unbiased review.

Get your G-Twist here at Good Vibrations!

Would You Like Some Pleasure With Your Pain?: Icicles 38


My birthday is coming up, and there are two things I like more than anything during sex; a little pleasure, and just the right amount of pain. It’s even better when there is a way to put both of them together in one toy. The Icicles 38 brings both worlds together perfectly. For those of you not familiar, 38 is a glass dildo with a bulbous end, perfect for g-spot, and anal penetration. I was a little on the fence with a straight dildo, because I normally have a lot of luck with curved g-spot toys, but this one completely changed my mind. I have had great experiences with glass in the past, my favorite one being Icicles No. 18, so I am glad I got the same results with yet another one.

When I first got it, I thought the bulb at the end was going to be too big, but it was just the right size. Despite the handle being straight, I was able to rock the big bulb back and forth right on my g-spot. It took me about 5 minutes before I was able to squirt, which isn’t an easy feat for me with internal stimulation alone. The swirls within the handle didn’t really add to the experience of the penetration, but my partner said while he was using the flogger side, it was a great grip. The great thing about glass toys is no matter where you leave it, upon insertion it is always going to have that coldness until it finally warms up while you’re using it. Also, being glass, I was able to use Uberlube, which happens to be my favorite silicone lubricant.

The flogger side was amazing! I loved everything from the smell of the leather, to how it felt being slapped against my bare skin. My partner tried the first couple of whacks on my ass and then moved to the most sensitive parts of my body like my inner legs, arms, and across my chest. The leather from the toy stung and left a small red mark which went away pretty soon after we were done. He went between hard whacks, soft whacks, and lightly brushing across my skin. It was easy to maneuver and the weight was just right in his hand. I don’t think I will be able to ever get regular birthday spankings again.

I would say overall it’s a great idea for combining the best of both worlds, however, I can see where it might be a little frustrating to change up at the spur of the moment. I feel like a towel might need to be nearby when using this product. Going from using it as a toy, to using it as a flogger, you would probably want to at least wipe it down in between. Since the handle is glass, it might become a little too slippery with fluids and could possibly fly out of your hand.

Overall if you’re looking for a nice leather flogger which also functions as an amazing g-spot toy, look no further than the Icicles 38. Not only is it great to play with, but like most glass toys, it is beautiful to look at. It’s also body safe, and compatible with any lubricant, all of which make a great toy!

My Main Squeeze: Buck by Vixskin

How's this for realistic?


For the past couple of months, I have had my eye on the Vixskin line. This brand of silicone realistic dongs is by far the closest thing to a real man you can get. The impressive collection of shapes, sizes, and colors ensures that you will be able to find the perfect one to bring home. When I first took Buck out of the container the first thing that stood out to me was how realistic it felt and looked. Once I used my favorite water-based lubricant (silicone will not work with this toy) it blew my mind. When slicked up the veins and ridges made it feel like I was holding a real penis. The head was perfectly shaped and enough for intense g-spot stimulation. If you are in the market for a dong for any reason at all, Vixskin is where it’s at!

How's this for realistic?

How’s this for realistic? Look at those veins!!!

Buck Specs:

  • Length: 6 inches
  • Girth: 2 inches
  • Colors: Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate
  • Material: 100% silicone


Clean up is a breeze with this toy. Since it is 100% silicone, 3 minutes in boiling water will do the trick, but he can also be cleaned off with a toy cleaner.

Vixskin comes with a lifetime warranty, so rest assured you will be taken care of if there are any problems.

Flared base with suction cup makes it ideal for harnesses and hands-free play.

Last but not least, the best pro of all: While using Buck, he will warm up to your body temperature!!!


The price point is higher than most non-vibrating dongs, but the quality is worth it.

Size might be a little too overwhelming for beginners, but luckily there are more options than Buck.

Not to be used with silicone based lubricant, as it will damage the toy and make the silicone tacky.

The G-Spot Pal- Icicles No. 18

 My first review is on my all-around favorite toy, Icicles No. 18 from Pipedream.

Look at this! How could it not be anyone’s favorite? It’s absolutely stunning!


The Icicles No.18 by Pipedream was my first glass toy. I couldn’t have made a better choice. This double sided dildo is made out of hand-blown Borosilicate glass, which is basically a fancy term for Pyrex or tempered glass. It has small bumps underneath the bulbous head, as well as two bulbs at the bottom, with a gorgeous flower inside. When I first decided to get the No. 18 I was a little weary because I have never had a glass toy and I wasn’t sure about how the texture would feel. I have been an avid user of silicone vibrators, and I enjoyed them. Upon use, I realized that the hardness of the glass was just what I needed for intense G-spot stimulation. The bumps at the end added an extremely pleasurable and new sensation that I have never felt before. I would definitely recommend this toy to anyone who is looking for a nice durable glass toy.


  • Color: Clear, with blue bumps, and a red flower at the bottom
  • Length:7 3/4″
  • Circumference:5″
  • Diameter:1 1/2″
  • Weight:10.5 oz
  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Safety features: Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free

Pros and Cons:


Glass toys are the best when it comes to temperature play. This toy can be stored in the freezer, as well as being microwave safe.

Icicles No. 18  is compatible with your favorite type of lube, either water-based or silicone is okay.

The added bumps add different sensations.

Glass is the safest material for a toy, so the risks of any reaction are minimal.

Cleaning is a breeze, dishwasher and boil safe.


Besides the lack of a storage bag being included, the only con I can possibly see with this toy, is the girth might be a little too much for some users.