Lube: Anal’s Best Friend

My first time having anal sex I went sans lube, and it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Not only was it painful, but it turned me off from experiencing one of the best orgasms I have ever had. Recently I gave anal a second shot, and I am so glad that I did. The biggest lesson I learned is; the key to perfect anal sex is the right lubricant. In my quest for reintroducing anal sex, I have tried countless lubricants. Some worked better than others, but I have narrowed it down to my favorite two.

Sassy by Sliquid


Sassy by Sliquid is my favorite water-based anal lubricant. It is thicker, almost like a gel, which helps it stay put while in the middle of everything. Most of the water-based anal lubricants I have used don’t seem to last as long as the Sassy did, it also never got sticky or tacky, and I didn’t have to reapply; a major plus when it comes to a water-based formula. Rest assured if it was to ever dry out at any point, all you would have to do is add a little bit of water or saliva. Sliquid is a vegan company, so they don’t use any harsh chemicals or test on animals, which is a plus for all the vegan product lovers. Sassy is also paraben and glycerin free, so if you’re prone to sensitive skin, this product will not cause any issues. Being hypoallergenic is another plus to using this product. Since it is water-based, clean up is easy and hassle free. Water-based formulas are perfect for your silicone anal toys since it won’t break down the silicone material like oil based lubricants will. The only downside to Sassy is that it would not be ideal to use during shower play since the formula is likely to wash away easily.

Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Anal


I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Swiss Navy Anal lubricant!!! This silicone formula has clove in it which acts as a relaxing agent to make anal sex more comfortable for first timers, and even seasoned users. I always recommend this over any kind of desensitizing product, because if any issues occur you will be able to feel, and tell your partner when you need to stop. I also notice if I have any discomfort, it almost acts as a moisturizer. Upon applying you will be able to feel how silky smooth and viscous it is. Be warned: since silicone lubes are oil based, it is hard to clean up if it is on any hard surface such as the tile floor on a shower. Shower play is guaranteed to last as long as you want because it will not wash away or dry out. The only downfall to this product is not being able to use it with silicone anal toys, however, it is safe with glass, metal, and plastic materials.

Bottom line: Whatever your preference is, we can all agree: there is no such thing as too much lube!

These are my favorite anal lubricants. I’m always open to new suggestions, so what’s yours?