Review: Stainless Steel Plug by KINKX



Everyone who knows me knows I love anal. From the orgasms to just the act of anal sex in general, it’s definitely on my top list of sexual activities. What I like more than anal sex is a manageable, comfortable plug. It also doesn’t hurt if it’s made of a body safe material like stainless steel and has a cute little jewel attached to the bottom either. Stainless steel has become my favorite material for anal plugs. It’s the easiest material to clean, and it doesn’t retain smells. I find that steel plugs slide in with very little convincing. The only con I would have about it is the lack of flexibility and comfortability; however, with the Jeweled Plug by KINKX, you can scratch that off the list. Plus, what’s better than a comfortable non-silicone plug; adding a jewel with your favorite color to the bottom!

Jeweled butt plugs are my favorite type to use. Not only do they give me the feeling of fullness for masturbation, sex, or just wearing during the day, but they also have a beautiful look to them. With recently entering the cam modeling world, I find that my steel plugs by KINKX have recently gained a lot of positive feedback. A lot of my customers love the way it looks in my ass, and I find that it photographs really well for posting and selling photos. The demand for the jeweled plugs over traditional ones has increased ever since I wore my first one. It’s a good thing there is such a high demand, because these plugs are worth the money.

When sliding in the KINKX plug, I used a small amount of lube (Sassy, of course!). It was a very manageable size and slid right in. I wish the plug would have been a little bit bigger in both length and girth, but it doesn’t affect my experience with it. It would make a great plug for anyone who wants to experience a steel plug, without spending as much cash as the others may cost. It never felt too heavy like my experiences with other metal plugs either, which was refreshing. I always worry with the heavier plugs that they might fall out, but with this one, there was no concern. The only concern I had regarding this plus was how small the base was. There were a couple of times it felt like the plug was going all the way in when I was clenching my muscles, but when I felt where the base of the plug was, it was still safe outside of my ass. If you can look past that minor setback, 20160623_104731I think you have a winning plug.

Overall, the KINKX Jeweled Stainless Steel butt plug is great for beginners. It’s a manageable size, and it’s not too heavy. It looks gorgeous on cam as well as in pictures. It’s comfortable enough to wear during the day for the feeling of fullness or just a dirty little secret. I would recommend this plug to everyone I know.


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