Womanizer: the Seducer

Womanizer: the Seducer

What comes to mind when you hear Womanizer? If you said a Britney Spears song or thought of an ex-lover, then you obviously haven’t heard of the newest sex toy that’s gaining quite a following; for a good reason. When you first look at the Womanizer, it’s a trainwreck right in front of your eyes. It looks like a cross between an ear thermometer and a kazoo. It is plastered with fake animal print designs or encrusted with jewels if you really want to feel fancy. It has a gaudy fake rhinestone underneath the power button, which lets you power through 6 different intensity levels. It also comes with a heavy duty camera-like case, with two compartments for items like a cord (since it’s USB rechargeable),  lube, or a travel toy cleaner. Unfortunately appearance wise, the case has to take the cake as the most aesthetically appealing part of this entire fiasco.


As much as I hate the design and lightness of the toy, they did hit a home run. When I heard about the “orgasm guarantee” of the Womanizer, I rolled my eyes and had flashbacks to the disaster that was the Afterglow. It’s obvious the person who designed this put a lot of time and thought into how to make this toy work. It has definitely done everything it says it will every time I used it, and design aside I would have no problem dropping the money on it.


What makes the Womanizer so great you ask? Pretty much the fact that I was able to climax within at least 5 minutes the first time I used it. After I charged the Womanizer I was ready to roll. I added some Sassy to the outer part of the silicone head to help with the suction. I will admit that using a lubricant with this toy makes a world of difference, but make sure it’s a water-based since the silicone head will  deteriorate if you use an oil based lubricant.


I used the toy for the first time in the dark, so as much as I hated the red light on it before, I found that it came in handy with trying to find the right placement on my clit. It’s one of those toys where you will have to get the perfect placement in order for it to work, or you will have a very bad time. Once it was on I put it on the lowest setting. I was immediately hit with cool air blowing at my clit. It felt weird, but I pushed through. It wasn’t long after using it that I noticed the suction coming at me, along with the barely noticeable vibrations. Being a lover of the Doxy and Rechargeable Hitachi, I was surprised how easily it was to get the build up. Between the two different sensations, I have to say it felt fucking amazing. I had a couple of times that the toy slid on me because I didn’t have a tight grip on it, since it was so lightweight, but it didn’t throw me off and kill my vibe when I got back on track.


It literally took me about 5 minutes to reach an orgasm. It was a lot better than most clitoral orgasms I have had, and I was super sensitive once I came. I took me a couple of minutes to get past the sensitivity before I was back at it again. This time, it took me about 30 seconds to reach a second orgasm, with very little work. I have seriously never been able to have multiple orgasms so quickly in my entire life. After the second orgasm, I was convinced this toy would go places.

C’mon Baby, Let’s Do the Twist: Pleasure Works G-Twist

C’mon Baby, Let’s Do the Twist: Pleasure Works G-Twist


I don’t use internal toys that often, so I am always looking for something that I think would be a good fit to give a try. I find that it is very difficult for me to get off via g-spot when I’m alone, but when I have a partner it’s a lot easier. It’s all about that angle they have down there, which I can never seem to master. I’m not really too keen on huge items, so when I was sent the Pleasure Works G-Twist I was relieved to see that the toy wasn’t too intimidating. I was also excited to find that it was 100% silicone which is my favorite material in a toy next to glass.

When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was that the G-Twist looked almost identical to the Fun Factory Stronic Drei, right down to the ridges and the curve at the tip. The only differences are the G-Twist takes 4 AAAs instead of the magnetic charging, and it vibrates instead of pulsates. It has a three button interface with a button to go up, down, and power boost, which I will get into later. The silicone was very soft and smooth, but also difficult to get clean when drying. The silicone on this toy seems to grab on to a lot of fuzz when drying with a towel, so I would definitely recommend air drying it if you have the patience for it; which I don’t happen to have. The ridges can also be tricky, so make sure to take some extra time to clean this toy.

Speaking of the ridges, let’s get into how this toy works. Before I used it, I applied a little bit Sassy onto the tip. It slid in pretty easy despite hearing issues with how hard it is to insert the Drei (different toy, same shape). The ridges felt really nice going in, and it was a sensation I haven’t experienced before. The curved tip hit right against my g-spot, but I felt I had better luck with twisting back in forth rather than thrusting. When thrusting I didn’t feel like I was getting the right motion to get the curved tip to the right spot. I came close a couple of times, but I still didn’t reach full orgasm. I was a little disappointed because I thought the bump at the bottom would be able to give some good clitoral stimulation, but, unfortunately, it didn’t seem to come up far enough.

The vibrations on the toy are more powerful than I expected with a battery operated toy. I was surprised with how quiet the toy was, and the vibrations weren’t buzzy; but almost like a rumble, which was nice. I’m not a big fan of buzzy vibrations because over time it makes my hand itch. It comes with 8 different modes of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, and also a power boost button which brings whatever function you’re on to the highest power. The power boost button is a cool added feature, but I don’t feel like the process of how it works was thought out too well.

The main problem I have with the power boost button was the lack of staying constant at that speed. When you push the button it jumps a tremendous amount in the vibrations, but if you let go, you’re fucked. It will cut back down to the same power before unless you touch it again. Although this isn’t a deal breaker for the toy, I almost threw it out the window. Keeping the button pressed down while maintaining what I was doing was a real rhythm killer. I had to test it a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t crazy, but overall I would say it doesn’t really affect my opinion on the toy.

Despite the issue with the power boost button, I would say this is a pretty great toy. Just make sure if you use the power boost button, to take a deep breath and remember that it is basically touch activated.  I think it’s a good step down for people who would like to try the Stronic, minus the pulsation, just to see if the shape would fit their body. Even though I didn’t have a g-spot orgasm I would still recommend it for good g-spot stimulation. There were a couple times I thought I was close, but I require a lot of hard pressure to reach the desired effect, so you may have different results. This toy is quiet (roommate tested), and has great power, it’s worth a try.


  • 100% silicone
  • 8 functions
  • 6″ insertable length
  • 1 1/2″ girth

I was sent this toy free of charge from Good Vibrations, for my honest and unbiased review.

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Viva Magic Mike!!!

Viva Magic Mike!!!

Men have it so easy. Can’t get hard? There’s a pill for that. Can’t last long? There’s a pill for that also. Women, on the other hand, seemed to have gotten the shit end of the stick; up until recently. Over time, and with certain factors in life, as with men, some women’s libido can diminish, and arousal can become just another word. Something as small as an antidepressant can completely wipe away any desire for sex, and it’s extremely frustrating. I have had my fair share of issues with lubrication, and just the overall appeal to having sex. A year ago I was drinking heavily, and it was damn near impossible to get off, and even get some kind of lubrication. Even the slickest of lubricants failed to work sometimes. I have tried many female enhancement pills in the past, but over time, they either got discontinued, or the original formula that WORKED got changed, which then resulted into a complete waste of money (I’m looking at you Kangaroo!!!). I finally stumbled across a pill called Magic Mike, for men and women, and decided to give it a try. I don’t normally give items a second chance, but I’m glad I did with this one.

For those of you who are new to the stimulant area, Magic Mike is a female and male enhancement pill which helps with libido, stamina, and arousal in general. You can get a single pill or a bottle of 10. For men, it helps increase stamina and provides more intense orgasms, as well as a heightened sense of arousal. It prevents premature ejaculation and temporarily increases the size of the penis. For women, it also helps with stamina and arousal, as well as lubrication. It is an all natural pill designed by doctors that you take 30 minutes prior to sexual activity, and it lasts for 48-72 hours. It is highly encouraged to take the pill with water for maximum effectiveness. It is also beneficial to take on an empty stomach. It can take up to two hours to get the desired effects, but it is well worth it in the end.

The first time I took Magic Mike, I was heavily drinking pretty much every day. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary to down a couple glasses of rum and coke for dinner. When I used it the first time, I took it while I was at work. Even though I am constantly around sexually stimulating items, it failed to live up to the hype. I immediately became flushed and woke up the next morning feeling groggy, and almost hungover, which I would totally be acceptable, had I been drinking the night before. It didn’t seem to work too well for me, so I was immediately turned off, however after getting life back to normal and cutting out the drinking, I decided to give it another try, and I’m glad I did. It has completely changed the way I think about this product.

After getting home from a stressful day at work, I decided to take the pill around 8:25 PM, that way I would be relaxed enough, and ready to reap the full reward. Within about 20 minutes, I started to get a little drowsy, but it didn’t last too long. Around the 9 o’clock mark, I started feeling a little bit frisky, so I decided it was the right time to start messing around. I immediately had two orgasms 2 minutes in between. They were pretty intense and left my entire body shaking. I was surprised when I finally rested, that I was ready for another round. Normally when I get off, I am ready to roll over and go to bed. I don’t have the energy or mental capacity to even say what day of the week it is, let alone go for another marathon toy session, but I did.

Unfortunately, the second round wasn’t as eventful. I have never cried after a masturbation session, but I can finally say, I am able to cross that off the list. Once I geared up to give it another go, I noticed that I was so wet, it was almost impossible to feel what was going on. I have never known too much lubrication to be an issue, but in this instance, I have to say, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. I decided to grab Buck and my Doxy, and thrust him in and out of me, while stimulating my clit, but by the time I got up, had him ready, and laid on the bed, I had dried up so much that I wasn’t able to get him in; cue the tears now. I ended up crying myself to sleep while having a massive lady blue balls moment. Which, by the way, men, I feel your pain, and I’m sorry to every guy I have done that to. I guess karma really is a bitch.

I woke up the second day after taking Magic Mike, and the results were a complete 180. I woke up fully aroused and had about two orgasms before I got in the shower, which, by the way, is one of the best ways to start your day. When I got to work it was an 8-hour struggle to hold it together. I was consistently wet throughout the day, and my mind couldn’t focus on anything else, besides the next time I was going to be able to stick something inside of me. When I finally got home it took all I had not to skip dinner and just throw my pants off. I was like a maniac. I knew if I looked in the mirror I would have that scary sex-crazed look, so I had to do something quick. I ended up sexting with a friend of mine for about an hour, and it was damn near perfect. I am more of a visual person, but reading the texts she was sending me, sent me right over the edge. I alternated between internal and external stimulation, and I could even hear how wet I was. Not one time did I dry out, and I was never overly wet like I was the night before. When I finally came, it was the most intense orgasm I have had in a while. It started at my toes and went through every section of my body. My toes curled, my back arched, and it took all I had to muffle my screams in my pillow. I shook for a good 10 minutes before I was finally able to relax enough and get to sleep. I didn’t care at all that it was only one orgasm because it was one of the most intense fucking moments I have ever had. Another day ended on a great note.

The third day wasn’t as eventful to me as the first two. I wasn’t any more aroused than I normally am any other given day, but I did still feel the increased lubrication. I would say that this pill is true to its word for at least 48 hours. My work day was my one saving grace. I’m pretty sure if I would have stayed home, or took it on my day off, I wouldn’t have left the house, and I’m sure one arm would definitely be bigger than the other. My next goal, however, is to take it on a weekend getaway to see how much trouble I can get myself into. I will say, if you don’t immediately feel anything or have good luck, to please, please wait. This pill is amazing! I would definitely encourage foreplay to get you warmed up, and also a day where you can stay in the house free from responsibilities because  once you get started, I guarantee, you won’t want to stop.


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The Letdown: Lelo Lyla 2

The Letdown: Lelo Lyla 2


Wireless eggs are not something I have had good luck with in the past. It always seems hard to find the right intensity for vibrations, and a good connection with the remotes. I have tried the California Exotic Novelties Posh 7-function Lover’s Remote, which was a bust (never again with the watch batteries), and the Sensuelle Remote Control Rechargeable Pink (close, but still not good enough). It seems like the hardest thing to find is a long-lasting, good quality, wireless egg. I thought I stumbled upon that with the Lelo Lyla 2, but I was, unfortunately, let way, way down.

The packaging of the Lyla 2 is very sleek and sexy. I would definitely hav
e to give major props to the design. It looks exactly how a luxury item should. Inside the box is a storage pouch (Yay!), the remote, egg, batteries, their registration card, (did I mention the one year warranty, 10 year guarantee? Wow!), the exhausting manual, charger, and the Lelo pin, so you can let everyone you know know that you own a fancy Lelo toy.

I will start by saying that the shape of the Lyla 2 is spot on. It fit my vagina like a glove and stayed put. I never had an issue with the way the egg sat, in fact, I would have to say this is the most ergonomic egg I’ve used. The shape was very well thought out. The material was the high-quality medical grade silicone that I am used to from my Lelo products, which is body safe, and easy to clean. It had one button interface, which you do a quick press to turn on, and a long press to turn off. The remote control is also encased with silicone on the front, with three buttons, high, low, and functions, (which I will get into later) and a hard plastic on the back with a slot to unlock. 


The remote is another problem I have with this toy, albeit small. I’m just spoiled I guess, but I would expect a toy that is $140.00, wouldn’t require any kind of batteries, even in a remote. It takes two AAA’s, which comes provided with the toy, so I guess I can’t complain too much, considering “batteries included” is becoming such a luxury these days.  The egg, however, charges by unscrewing the bottom of the egg where the retrieval cord is, and plugging it in. Thankfully being a second generation, the Lyla 2 has a chrome charging socket, so submersible play is encouraged.


The Lyla 2 also comes with Lelo’s newest feature called SenseMotion technology.
The whole concept behind the SenseMotion technology is to make the egg vibrate with whatever pattern you move the remote. This toy comes with two SenseMotion modes. The first one intensifies vibrations by tilting the remote when it is moved from a horizontal to vertical position, and the second mode lets you change the vibration intensity by moving it either way. The faster you move it, the more intense the vibrations. Pretty cool concept, if it worked.

The main problem I had with both of the SenseMotion modes was a lag from the remote to the egg. I noticed it seemed to take a couple of seconds for the egg to move with the same pattern every time I moved the remote unless it was directly pointed at my vag. Another issue was the connection. There were some times when I didn’t even think that the remote and egg were matched up. I had to take it out a couple of times to make sure that it was working. I do have to say, that the regular vibration patterns seemed to work pretty well. I think the SenseMotion is too many bells and whistles, and I would honestly prefer to do without. The manual describes the modes as well, but I’m not really up for reading manuals when I’m ready to get off. If you have the time to read the manual it would help, but I would just stick with the premade vibration patterns. Thankfully there is also a non-remote mode where you can just stick the egg inside and go. Personally, that was enough for me.

Which brings me to the vibrations. I have to say that I was a little less impressed with the vibrations as well. They weren’t as powerful as most of the Lelo toys, in my opinion. It almost felt like there were times when it completely stopped vibrating, which is a pretty big deal. I felt the most intense sensation while I was sitting down, or crouched over, but while I was walking I didn’t even realize it was in. That was the main time where I had to put my hand down my pants and check, which, unfortunately, is acceptable when you’re home, but not so much in public.

Lelo definitely could have done better with this toy. The vibrations could be a little bit stronger, and the connectivity between the remote and the toy should be looked into. The shape was phenomenal, and the SenseMotion could potentially be one of the coolest features a toy could have, but if it doesn’t work, there’s really no point. I would probably use this while I was having anal, to have something inside for stimulation, but as for a “couple’s toy”, I would think twice before a night out on the town with it. At least the manual makes for a good table leveler.



  • Silicone, ABS plastic
  • 2-hour charge
  • 2 hour play time for egg, 10 hours for remote
  • Up to 90 days standby


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Sad Butt True: Sensuelle Homme Butt Plug

Sad Butt True: Sensuelle Homme Butt Plug


When I first heard about the Sensuelle Homme Plug I had high hopes. I also have the Sensuelle Point Bullet and the rechargeable remote control bullet, so I was familiar with the brand’s power. Since the Sensuelle Point is extremely powerful, I thought I was going to be in for a treat. Upon opening the box I found that it came with a magnetic charger, and a personal storage back. I was really excited about the concept of a rechargeable butt plug, and so far I have not had any issues with charging. The material was non-scented PVC, which I wasn’t too thrilled about (not really my favorite material), especially since it was catching every little piece of thread and fuzz from being in the bag. It took a little bit longer to clean than I liked, but I got over it. The power on the plug was exactly what I expected, but the design was seriously lacking.

While looking at the base of the plug, I was a little nervous that the bottom wasn’t going to tapered enough. Unfortunately, my suspicions were correct. The base was flared enough to prevent any issues with the plug going inside of me, but the tapering wasn’t enough. Before insertion, I generously applied my Sassy by Sliquid. Suspicions aside, I went into the shower and prepared to use it.

Insertion wasn’t too difficult in the very beginning. The tip is pretty slim, and, for the most part, the plug was easy to take. The biggest issue I had was getting down to the base of the plug. Getting the bottom of the plug to actually stay in was so difficult, it took away from being able to enjoy what I was doing. It was next to impossible for my muscles to grab a hold of it. Between the vibrations being so powerful, and the poor base design, it kept vibrating out of me onto the shower floor. Finally, I held it in long enough to get close to an orgasm, but with being so frustrated, and focusing on holding it in at the perfect angle, I ended up taking it out, and finishing my shower without.

I’m really bummed on the outcome of this plug. I feel like it could easily be one of the best ones on the market, with a little bit of a design tweak.  The power was pretty impressive, as with the rest of the brand’s items, but it’s hard to enjoy while you’re standing in the shower one leg propped up and one arm behind trying to keep it in. The one pro is, I got an extra bullet out of it since the sleeve is removable. Unfortunately, this was a no-go for me as much as I wanted to like it.


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Would You Like Some Pleasure With Your Pain?: Icicles 38

Would You Like Some Pleasure With Your Pain?: Icicles 38


My birthday is coming up, and there are two things I like more than anything during sex; a little pleasure, and just the right amount of pain. It’s even better when there is a way to put both of them together in one toy. The Icicles 38 brings both worlds together perfectly. For those of you not familiar, 38 is a glass dildo with a bulbous end, perfect for g-spot, and anal penetration. I was a little on the fence with a straight dildo, because I normally have a lot of luck with curved g-spot toys, but this one completely changed my mind. I have had great experiences with glass in the past, my favorite one being Icicles No. 18, so I am glad I got the same results with yet another one.

When I first got it, I thought the bulb at the end was going to be too big, but it was just the right size. Despite the handle being straight, I was able to rock the big bulb back and forth right on my g-spot. It took me about 5 minutes before I was able to squirt, which isn’t an easy feat for me with internal stimulation alone. The swirls within the handle didn’t really add to the experience of the penetration, but my partner said while he was using the flogger side, it was a great grip. The great thing about glass toys is no matter where you leave it, upon insertion it is always going to have that coldness until it finally warms up while you’re using it. Also, being glass, I was able to use Uberlube, which happens to be my favorite silicone lubricant.

The flogger side was amazing! I loved everything from the smell of the leather, to how it felt being slapped against my bare skin. My partner tried the first couple of whacks on my ass and then moved to the most sensitive parts of my body like my inner legs, arms, and across my chest. The leather from the toy stung and left a small red mark which went away pretty soon after we were done. He went between hard whacks, soft whacks, and lightly brushing across my skin. It was easy to maneuver and the weight was just right in his hand. I don’t think I will be able to ever get regular birthday spankings again.

I would say overall it’s a great idea for combining the best of both worlds, however, I can see where it might be a little frustrating to change up at the spur of the moment. I feel like a towel might need to be nearby when using this product. Going from using it as a toy, to using it as a flogger, you would probably want to at least wipe it down in between. Since the handle is glass, it might become a little too slippery with fluids and could possibly fly out of your hand.

Overall if you’re looking for a nice leather flogger which also functions as an amazing g-spot toy, look no further than the Icicles 38. Not only is it great to play with, but like most glass toys, it is beautiful to look at. It’s also body safe, and compatible with any lubricant. The easiest thing about this toy is cleaning. When the fun has ended just throw it in the dishwasher and call it a night.

You’re Not Going Anywhere: Edge Leather 6-Point Hogtie

You’re Not Going Anywhere: Edge Leather 6-Point Hogtie

This week I have not behaved. I have been increasingly irritable and quick to snap. I took it too far this week with my partner. The minute I realized my attitude had been an issue, he came over with the Edge Leather 6-point Hog Tie and a couple of other goodies to discipline me for being a heinous bitch this week.

When he got to my place he told me that he was going to tie me up and do whatever he pleases with me. I have never dabbled in BDSM before him, and I have been asking lately if we could get farther into some more of the heavier stuff, (he’s been easing me into it). We have messed around with floggers, crops, drip candles, gags, and restraints, but this was my first time with a hogtie.

I noticed with the Edge Hog Tie, it does not come with a set of cuffs already attached. The good part about that though is how easy it is to interchange between what I had already, and what he brought. I have a pair of the Realms Edge Leather cuffs that have been waiting to be broken in, and they attached perfectly to the hogtie. This is a 6-point hog tie, the first, and only, on the market, so not only can you put on handcuffs and ankle cuffs, but there is also an extra set for thigh, bicep, or any other restraint or attachment that you want to add to it.

I liked how sturdy the hand-stitched cowhide leather was. There was a lot of moving and position changing, and through it all, not one time was I worried that I would pop the clips that connect with a thick nickel free O-ring. The heavy duty clips at the end also gave me a peace of mind with how sturdy they are. I have had a cheaper hogtie in the past and the clips snapped almost immediately. With how good the positions I was in this time around felt, the thought of the hogtie breaking was right up there with a dying vibrator right before orgasm.

Being in a hogtie was definitely an experience. I liked the idea of not being able to move with my wrists and ankles tied behind my back. It gave my partner full, and complete control, which is something I enjoy tremendously. There were times that it got so intense, he was able to grab the center of the hogtie and pull me up to put me in another position. It gets 5 stars in my book. The main thing a good hogtie needs is durability, and I believe with the added extra rings, and the leather/nickel free materials, Edge hit the nail on the head.