My First Pegging: The Sportsheets New Comers Strap-On Set Review

My First Pegging: The Sportsheets New Comers Strap-On Set Review

Two years ago as I mentioned in my post I was so clueless about a lot of things. I knew there was a whole world of anal sex, but I had no idea that straight men liked it, let alone with a strap-on or anything phallic shaped. I saw the prostate massagers we had at work and figured that was the only thing that would be an option. Half of them scared me with how they looked, so I looked and played with them, but kept my distance. I had heard the term “milking the prostate” thrown around here and there, but I was yet to experience it with anyone. I put it on the back burner as something that would be cool to try, but I never thought the opportunity to do it would ever knock on my door.

When the term pegging was brought up to me, I swear I asked almost every single person at work what it meant and if they have ever done it. My coworker informed me that she never had, but heard it was one of the most liberating things, and at that instant I knew it was going to be something to cross off my “fucket list.” I was pretty intrigued and figured I would give it a shot, because who knows when this opportunity would ever come back around? Very least, I would have a good story to tell.

I was surprised when my friend brought it up to me. My friend is extremely hetero, and probably the biggest guy’s guy you can imagine. From his job to how he presented himself, he was the last person I would ever imagine pegging. It took me back a second and took me a while to think about before I decided to take the plunge, but once we set boundaries and made sure everything had been communicated we were ready to roll. I cannot stress enough how important it is to communicate before and during pegging. It takes a lot of thought and consideration, and it requires some patience as you will want to go slow at first. As I always say, “Treat other asses the way you would want yours to be treated.”

The topic of pegging couldn’t have been brought up at a better time. At the time, we were in the middle of having our annual ladies night where all the vendors would come and talk about their products. I ended up modeling the Newcomers Strap-On by Sportsheets (what can I say, I love my job!) and received it as a gift for my impeccable modeling skills. When I brought it back to the house, we both agreed that the size was fine, despite me giving him the side eye on more than one occasion. He had even mentioned wanting to go bigger, but I figured to save that for a later date. It was my first time doing anything like this, even though to this day he says he couldn’t tell. I was just trying to make sure I created an experience he would like and want to do again, instead of going balls deep with a bigger one.

wp-1448419230771.jpgI have to say after actually doing it, he was right. The dong that came with the machine washable harness was a perfect fit. The silicone dildo measured in at a tolerable 5 inches, with almost an inch in girth. It has a nice little suction cup at the bottom that you don’t think would be as strong as it is. I seriously had some issues taking the damn thing off the wall. When I finally did, of course, I flew back right with it. That being said, I would say another pro with this is being able to ditch the partner and back up against it if you’re really in dire need of a little anal action. The harness fit me perfectly, which I figured being that it boasts that a 60-inch hip can fit into it. The straps were easy to adjust by simply pulling, and it fit comfortably against me. There was no discomfort while I was wearing it, and no chaffing. I was able to fit my Tango in between me and the harness, but it was a little uncomfortable being that there was no small pocket on this particular one to put it. Although Sportsheets does offer other options with this feature, this one, unfortunately, doesn’t, which would have to be one of the negatives. The only other negative would be the lack of detachable o-rings that gives you more variety with the dongs that you use (the o-ring fits up to 1.25″ diameter), but since it’s for beginners, I can see why that wasn’t a huge concern when designing this.


Once we finally found a time to get into it, (damn work schedules), I added a substantial amount of water based lubricant on it and slid it in with ease. It was so easy to do it; I was shocked. It came like a second nature to me. Since I am shorter than him, it took about 5 or 6 different angles to decide what would finally work with our height differences. I finally had him at the end of the bed while I entered from behind. Let me tell you when the time came for him to climax, it was one of the most liberating things I’ve ever done. I have always been more of a submissive person when it comes to sex, but finding that it was possible to make a man come from anal sex, was indescribable. I will let you know; it is a leg workout from hell. My legs hurt so much the next day; it was hard to walk or stand, but it was for a good cause. I’ve always gone the extra mile for my friends, so non-working legs next day in exchange for a little anal play is fine by me!


I want to applaud Sportsheets for making such a simple harness to use for the first time anyone wants to try pegging or just strapping in general. It made it an experience I would be willing to try again if I was ever to get the opportunity. The harness was super comfortable, and the dong had a nice firm feel to it. I like that the straps were so easy to adjust since I have the worst luck with that kind of thing. The box was sturdy, and I primarily use it for storing my harness. I have sold the harness to a couple of customers at work, and I have heard nothing but good reviews on it. I am so glad there is a nice quality beginners strap-on for people, like me, who have no idea where to start. The people at Sportsheets hit the nail on the head by providing a perfect dong and harness combination that doesn’t look or feel cheap. I have seen so many beginner’s harnesses with a thin foam piece of material and a cheap jelly dong, so it’s great to see that even if you’re a beginner there are some excellent quality options for you to try out without breaking the bank.  I will recommend this to anyone interested in pegging or trying a strap-on for the first time.

Pure Bliss: Njoy Pure Wand

Pure Bliss: Njoy Pure Wand

“If you don’t buy this wand, I feel bad for you son, I had issues with my g-spot, but now I have none.”

I don’t know how I have lived my life until now. The Pure Wand has come into my life and turned it around for the better. I’ve seen the light, and I’m kicking myself in the ass for not buying this godsent hunk of glorious metal sooner. This toy is seriously the best thing I have ever stuck inside me. I have felt things I have never felt before, and I started speaking languages I don’t even know I knew. Seriously, if you have heard about it and still don’t know if you are ready to take the plunge, then I don’t know what to tell you because this is one of those things in life that doesn’t deserve a second thought.

The Beautiful Pure Wand

The Pure Wand by Njoy is a 8″ medical grade stainless steel curved dildo with a 1.5″ bulb at one end, and a 1″ bulb at the other end. It comes in the sturdiest box I have ever seen with a toy, which is lined with a bright pink fabric to make the metal pop. It is completely body safe and easy to clean. The metal guarantees great temperature play, and will give you so many different sensations. The 1.5lb weight of this toy shows that it isn’t fucking around. It will make your entire arm bigger, but it is so worth the orgasms you will have with it. I don’t mind walking around looking unproportioned with how this beast of a toy makes me feel. It is perfect for anyone trying to conquer that g-spot orgasm, as well as anyone trying to experiment with the p-spot. I have yet to try this toy via anal, but vaginal, I am willing to talk about it to anyone with ears who will listen.


When I bought this toy, I went home and took a shower immediately after I walked through the door. I sat on the bottom of the tub while the hot water ran down me and started thrusting away. The warm water was hitting my clit at just the right angle, so I knew at that instant my g-spot was swollen and prime for a good time. I wasn’t wasting any time with this toy I had been lusting after for so long. It didn’t take long for me to get the intense build up that I normally get with g-spot stimulation, but I wanted a story to tell and didn’t want to orgasm too quickly. It was extremely hard to muffle the noises that were coming out of my mouth, so I knew then that this toy was going to take me to the edge. After noticing how easy this g-spot orgasm was going to be, I completely lost control and started thrusting a rocking until my arm hurt. I then took a break and went back at it again for a good 10 minutes. When the moment finally came for me to climax, it took every bit of energy out of me.


After using the wand, I was pretty much immobile. My legs felt like jelly, and I felt like I was making up a new dance move while getting out of the shower. I had to sit down for a minute or two before I was finally able to compose myself and think clearly. My mind was completely turned to mush, and I couldn’t tell you my name if I tried. The feeling this toy gave me was the equivalent to me running my first 10K. I had the exhaustion and jelly legs, but I also had the high from the amazing orgasm. I can honestly say I have never owned or used a toy before this one that makes me feel the way I do. I will be buried with this toy when I die.

I will say it again, if you do not own an Njoy Pure Wand, then you need to get one, like now. The Pure Wand one of the toys you NEED to have in your collection. If you have ever wondered if the g-spot was a myth, this toy will convince you once and for all that all that hub-bub is complete bullshit. If you have never had noises escape from your mouth before, this toy will do it. I advise once you get it, let all your loved ones know that you will be M.I.A. for a couple of days and not to worry since they probably won’t hear from you for a while. Overall, besides the weight being a little too much for extended use, the only negative about this toy is when I have to take it out of me.


Get your Pure Wand NOW from Njoy or Good Vibrations!!

Finding Myself After Divorce

After the incident, I had no doubt in my mind that divorce would be the only choice for me. When I got married I told my husband there was one thing I wouldn’t tolerate: any kind of abuse. When the line had been crossed, we headed to the lawyers. I loved my husband in the beginning, but I really hadn’t taken the time to get to know him, or myself before we tied the knot. We were young and dumb and moved way too fast. I didn’t believe it then, and I know it’s so cliche, but you really can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.

When I first met my husband I was just happy to find someone who wanted to be with me for the long run for once. I had been through countless short relationships and one night stands before him, so it was nice to have someone take an interest so quickly. Back then I didn’t realize how unhealthy it was for us to be moving so fast, but looking back now, if we would have gotten to know each other this whole mess probably wouldn’t have happened. I can’t complain, though; even though the marriage ended we still had our good times.

When I first left my ex-husband I had nothing. I was taking care of my son and his, had no job, car, or anything but the clothes in my closet to call my own. Thankfully I was able to land a job at the local adult store, but I still had a lot more that I needed to work on. Even after the split, I thought I knew everything and had my shit together, but I quickly got slapped in the face by life and realized I wasn’t as much of an adult as I thought I was.

It took me 5 times to move in a year before I was finally able to settle down in my own place and focus on me for a change. I still slept around during the separation stage, and we both did our own thing. I was drinking heavily and most nights blacked out from the alcohol. Alcohol became my sleeping drug, and it wasn’t until I had a really bad hangover at work one day for me to realize I had a problem. It wasn’t really until I quit drinking that I realized I seriously had to do some soul searching to get my shit together if I wanted to continue living a happy life with my son.

When I first moved out on my own, it was the first time I experienced having my own bills. I have always had a phone bill since I was a teenager, but one bill compared to a whole slew of them was fucking overwhelming. There were times I considered leaving and getting rid of all of them, but I realized my ex-husband was expecting me to fail. I trudged on working sometimes for almost two weeks at a time to make ends meet, but I still always felt like I was behind. Once I finally got a budget going I was able to get everything on track, but I still felt like I didn’t have enough time for myself. I have always struggled with depression, and I felt it slowly creeping back. I decided to surround myself with friends and finally found some alone time to unwind.

In the time I spent to myself, I found some outlets and discovered that there were some hobbies that helped deal with the stress and depression. I started writing to go through my problems and found out a lot about myself. I started taking myself out to dinner and lunch. I didn’t rely on anyone else being around me. It felt great to sit in the corner and watch the world around me and see other people interact with each other. I have always been the type of person that has to have someone by my side no matter what I do. It was scary, but relieving to finally gain my own independence.

“It felt great to sit in the corner and watch the world around me and see other people interact with each other.”

After spending some time alone, I realized that even though I wasn’t where I wanted to be, I still came a far way over the past two years. I was able to leave a bad situation with nothing to my name, and turn a home into my own and have my own interests. When I was married I never had my own thoughts or hobbies. Everything I liked it was because he liked it. I found myself watching shows I would never imagine hitting play on, and reading books that would have never caught my interest. I discovered a whole new world of music and realized how much I loved vinyl records. I started cooking more and trying new foods. Some of the creations I made I would have turned my nose up at simply because he didn’t like them. I figured out now, looking back that there were so many things I missed out on by following whatever my ex-husband did.

While I was married I remember shutting out a lot of my friends. I felt guilty leaving the house to have fun with my friends while my ex-husband stayed at home, but then I understood that it was more him giving me a guilt trip, rather than me being a shitty wife. I was able to still have friends and see them even though I was married and it didn’t mean I loved him any less. That was one of the biggest obstacles to overcome after the divorce because  most of my friends, understandably, wanted nothing to do with me; however the ones that did stick around during the divorce and after the separation understood that I was in a controlling relationship and were just waiting for me to come to the truth on my own. There was no bashing when I finally came to my senses, just open arms, and hearts and a lot of mutual coming to realizations about things. My friends are one of the main things that have kept me going through this long journey and  I can’t thank them enough to this day.

Patience is never something I have had luck with. I always want stuff to happen when I want it to. I am still working on it to this day, but I have come a far way. Nothing ever comes to you when you want it to, and despite what people say, good things don’t come to those who wait. I worked my ass off for everything I wanted and needed, and although it took a lot longer than I wanted to, it was so rewarding to see all my hard work pay off. I was able to get a promotion and a couple of raises at my job and earned a lot more respect once I started to carry myself like I gave a fuck about my life. Once I realized that others could see my hard work, it pushed me to do more in my personal life.

I started working on my credit, which was shot all to hell. I was able to pay off a lot of small debts that I had and raise my score by almost 200 points. I was never one of those people who worried about credit scores, but when you’re out on your own, your credit score is the gateway to getting what you want. I was able to start saving money and working towards goals to get myself nice things. I am currently on the road to owning my first house, hopefully by 30, which is something my ex was never interested in. I wasn’t either, but it was one of those things I realized I took from him. One of these days I will post a picture of my brand new house, and I will smile knowing that I did it all on my own. One day I will have my dream home, which I earned by running my own business. Speaking of owning a business; it’s amazing what can possibly be put into a reality when you take the time to learn the tools to get EXACTLY what you want. I don’t currently own my own business, but the main thing I have come to learn about myself through all this was that one day big things will happen for me.

Working on loving myself was and still continues to be one of the hardest obstacles in my life. There are some days I still complain about how shitty I have it and how I’m not doing anything with my life, but when I finally understand what my life would have been like, had I stayed, I probably wouldn’t be here to tell it. Take some time for yourself and just be alone. Shut all your thoughts off, and just be thankful for everything you have. This has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, let alone write. I am way too hard on myself every day, and I need to stop because I know I have come a far way. I believe getting to know myself was the main reason behind it.

5 Self-Revelations from Working at a Sex Shop

Before I got a job working at a sex shop, I had zero experience with anything past your basic straight vibrator. I considered doggy style to be the bees knees, and I had no idea how my body worked, I didn’t even know what anal sex entailed, or that straight men even liked it. I couldn’t tell you the difference between lubes to save my life, and I was completely uncomfortable mentioning anything sexual around anyone I knew. I have come a far way since I got the job two years ago, and some of the things I have learned have not only helped me with my job, but as well as my sex life, and personal relationships. Since there has been so much I’ve been able to learn, I’ve composed a list of the most exciting things.

1. The stuff I knew nothing about, became my favorite.

As I mentioned before I knew there were other items out there such as bullets and realistic vibrators, but I never knew the amount of different things people could be into. I have seen women smaller than me pick up 14-inch dongs, and men who have bought butt plugs the size of an arm. I was shocked to learn that there was a whole style dedicated to people who like to inflict pain, or receive it, and I was even more shocked when I realized how much I was into it myself. I never thought I would be able to even get spanked during sex, let alone getting choked, slapped, and spanked to the point of a black and blue ass. It was one of those experiences I would have never tried if I would have kept a closed mind. One of my favorite things to this day has to be getting choked right before orgasm and being bent over the bed getting hit with a crop, hand, or paddle repeatedly until I can’t sit down the next day.

2. Using lube doesn’t mean you’re dried out.

Lube is one of the most important things you can use during sex or masturbation. Water based is my favorite and I use it for everything. As much as I didn’t believe it, it has made a world of difference in masturbation as well as sex. I find that everything slides easier, and it’s so much smoother when gliding toys across my clit. It also makes anal sex so much better (granted, you don’t use a desensitizer and reach for the Sassy, or whatever your preference). I’ve also learned that silicone lubricant is great for smoothing my hair and making it frizz free, as well as fixing squeaky door hinges. It’s also great for sex in the shower since it won’t wash away, but, unfortunately, I have also learned my body doesn’t react well with it, so it’s mainly for topical use in my case. It can be great for anal as well, in fact, it’s the most preferred lube for it.

3. There’s more than doggy style and missionary, and it still feels good.

Doggy style used to be my go-to move for reach orgasm, and I wasn’t able to end sex without doing it. I can honestly say I have picked up so many different tips and tricks, that I can’t say I’ve been bent over in a long time. Reading some of the books we have at work has truly helped my sex life. I have learned some positions I have been able to do only once, and I have found some positions I have to do every single time. It doesn’t just stop at sex either. I have been able to spice up masturbation by putting myself into some pretty interesting positions, which in turn has helped me learn how my body works, and what I need to do to get me off.

4. Speaking of getting off…

It’s no surprise that clitoral is my go to orgasm. I have never had a problem achieving it, but I could never seem to get the full release I always used to hear about. Mentioning it to anyone I knew without stammering and turning red was a foreign thing to me. Since I’ve worked at the store, I have learned about the elusive g-spot orgasm, as well as having a few. I have also learned that I am a squirter and that the intense peeing sensation was just the lead up right before the big bang. I have learned what angles I need as well as the amounts of pressure and power I need. I always thought the clit was just there, but I have been able to find out which side works best for me, as well as learning more about my clitoral hood. As if the g-spot orgasms weren’t exciting enough, once you get into the anal orgasms….it’s a done deal. It’s pretty intense to have something in every orifice in your body and to climax from each one. Being able to talk openly about masturbation with friends and complete strangers, was my biggest obstacle, but I find without being able to do it, I wouldn’t have as rewarding of a job.

5. I am better at helping people than I realized.

One odd thing about me is the fact that I don’t like people (great for retail, right?), being around a big group, and I have really high anxiety with meeting new people. I have never been able to go up to a person and start a conversation, but at this job I am forced to. I have formed bonds with the most unlikely of people, and I know for a fact I have saved some marriages. Some of the questions customers ask me I have to take seriously. Although we do get a lot of people wanting to joke around and play when I get the serious ones, it’s rewarding to know that they are coming to me to help with an issue that can be life changing if solved. I am so glad I took the time to get used to the job rather than quitting. If anything this job has taught me to step out of my comfort zone in more ways than one, and it has made me a different person than I was 2 years ago.

Sexy Saturday: The Silhouette S17

Sexy Saturday: The Silhouette S17

California Exotics has really outdone themselves with the Silhouette line; a sexy and sleek line of rechargeable silicone vibrating toys. The line at first look is very classy, and the packaging doubles as a storage area for your toys, as well as a great box with a window, which is great for gift giving with the rapidly approaching holiday season. They come in three colors: red, purple, and pink. They all have powerful vibrations and smooth satin silicone that makes you want to pet it over and over again. It’s easy on the eyes and even better inside of you.

When I received the Silhouette 17 I was super excited. I have had a couple of rabbits such as the Sugar Pop and the Lelo Ina, but I have been itching for a new one for a while now. Normally I like my rabbits to have all the bells and whistles with the beads and rotation, but with the S17 I was willing to make sacrifices. I’m glad I did because this toy is worth it.

As previously stated, the S17 is a rabbit vibrator made of high-quality velvet feeling silicone. The silicone is super easy to clean and dry without any fuzz catching on it. There is a small seam along the back of the shaft, but you can’t feel it once the toy is in use. It has a two button interface and great power. The one complaint I have with the button interface was how confusing it could get in the middle of using it. To turn the toy on you have to press the bottom  button unless you have to travel lock function on, which in that case, you would just hold both buttons for 4 seconds. The top button is for changing throughout the 10 powerful levels of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. It also doubles as the increase button for all of the above mentioned. The bottom button has to be held down as well, to decrease whatever function you’re on. My first time it took me a while to figure out, but after you master it, you’ll be fine.

wpid-wp-1445138803890.jpgBefore using the S17, I applied some Sassy to the tip and slid it in. The first thing I noticed was the placement of the clitoral arm. It didn’t seem to lay flat on my clit, but it was enough to where I was able to feel some of the glorious ridges on it. The shaft of the toy was a different story and hit right on my g-spot with very little maneuvering. The curve and bulbous end of the shaft made my g-spot feel like it was in heaven. When using it, I was able to use the bottom of the toy to rock in slightly back and forth. The vibrations were intense and within about 5 minutes I was able to reach orgasm. I didn’t have a dual orgasm right away, but the second time since I was already sensitive, I was able to hit a home run.


The ridges on the clitoral piece added for great sensation even though the whole thing didn’t cover in the spots I wanted. While rocking it back and forth to hit my g-spot, a couple of the ridges were able to actually push my hood back and make it easier for direct clitoral sensation. I really wish the clitoral arm on this toy would have been a little bit shorter, but with how wide it was, there was a little more room to wiggle it around. The fact that the clitoral piece was easy to manipulate was a godsend, because, unfortunately, it took a lot of moving to get it where I wanted at first. I do have to say, though, this is the first toy I have been able to climax from while using a pulsation mode.


Overall, I would have to say that this toy is worth it if you like rabbit style vibrators. I love that it’s rechargeable so I don’t have to keep buying batteries. The vibrations are intense and the shape for g-spot stimulation is spot on. The ridges on the clitoral piece are pretty interesting as well, however, the clitoral piece might not fit your anatomy. The only problems I have with this toy is the clitoral piece being too big and the controls for the modes. You may not have the same results that I did, hell, they may even be better, but I still think it’s a good toy to add to your collection.


  • Insertable length: 4 inches
  • Clitoral: 3 inches
  • One year warranty
  • USB rechargeable

Hedovibes Round Up #113


20150529_093456-2Photo courtesy of The Happy Kitty

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Womanizer: the Seducer

Womanizer: the Seducer

What comes to mind when you hear Womanizer? If you said a Britney Spears song or thought of an ex-lover, then you obviously haven’t heard of the newest sex toy that’s gaining quite a following; for a good reason. When you first look at the Womanizer, it’s a trainwreck right in front of your eyes. It looks like a cross between an ear thermometer and a kazoo. It is plastered with fake animal print designs or encrusted with jewels if you really want to feel fancy. It has a gaudy fake rhinestone underneath the power button, which lets you power through 6 different intensity levels. It also comes with a heavy duty camera-like case, with two compartments for items like a cord (since it’s USB rechargeable),  lube, or a travel toy cleaner. Unfortunately appearance wise, the case has to take the cake as the most aesthetically appealing part of this entire fiasco.


As much as I hate the design and lightness of the toy, they did hit a home run. When I heard about the “orgasm guarantee” of the Womanizer, I rolled my eyes and had flashbacks to the disaster that was the Afterglow. It’s obvious the person who designed this put a lot of time and thought into how to make this toy work. It has definitely done everything it says it will every time I used it, and design aside I would have no problem dropping the money on it.


What makes the Womanizer so great you ask? Pretty much the fact that I was able to climax within at least 5 minutes the first time I used it. After I charged the Womanizer I was ready to roll. I added some Sassy to the outer part of the silicone head to help with the suction. I will admit that using a lubricant with this toy makes a world of difference, but make sure it’s a water-based since the silicone head will  deteriorate if you use an oil based lubricant.


I used the toy for the first time in the dark, so as much as I hated the red light on it before, I found that it came in handy with trying to find the right placement on my clit. It’s one of those toys where you will have to get the perfect placement in order for it to work, or you will have a very bad time. Once it was on I put it on the lowest setting. I was immediately hit with cool air blowing at my clit. It felt weird, but I pushed through. It wasn’t long after using it that I noticed the suction coming at me, along with the barely noticeable vibrations. Being a lover of the Doxy and Rechargeable Hitachi, I was surprised how easily it was to get the build up. Between the two different sensations, I have to say it felt fucking amazing. I had a couple of times that the toy slid on me because I didn’t have a tight grip on it, since it was so lightweight, but it didn’t throw me off and kill my vibe when I got back on track.


It literally took me about 5 minutes to reach an orgasm. It was a lot better than most clitoral orgasms I have had, and I was super sensitive once I came. I took me a couple of minutes to get past the sensitivity before I was back at it again. This time, it took me about 30 seconds to reach a second orgasm, with very little work. I have seriously never been able to have multiple orgasms so quickly in my entire life. After the second orgasm, I was convinced this toy would go places.